Dagny’s immeasurably catchy debut “Backbeat” scored her as being firmly placed at the centre of new emerging Scandipop attention. A position she’s not willing to give up, only further extend upon it seems as the Tromsø, Norway based singer/songwriter rapidly forges ahead into follow-up single “Fools Gold”.

For an up-and-coming artist who has done pretty well for herself existing on one catchy track and the word-of-mouth of pop lovers who have fallen under Dagny’s spell to propel her to such a favorably sought position, is quite a triumph in itself. To go forward from this, well Dagny best continue to dish out the goods because she’s got herself an audience who are on standby to taste the rainbow of more of these jauntily rousing pop flavours they have been teased with.

The arrival of full-on pop registering second single “Fools Gold” ahead of a pretty hefty run of festival dates this summer, means that she’ll have an instant crowd at her disposal to win-over and heat-up with the gloriously peppy melodies which so far form the basis of Dagny’s signature sound.

Bringing onside eclectic songster/musician Børns for a inject of complementing, duet served vocal assistance is a favourably thought-out move on this track, which tells via the press release “The song is about looking back on a relationship and realising that maybe it was not quite what you first thought. And the big question you ask yourself: if you will ever have that feeling again.

Let’s just pray we see quite a bit of sun this summer because although, “Fools Gold” completely basks euphorically on its own electronic-pop driven merit. Taken out in the open with the sun glinting down on a field blanketed in festival goers, will see this song amplified in its potently, captivating attitude, ten-fold.