I have been waiting on tenterhooks for Moyka to announce the release date of her debut album (“The Revelations of Love” out 22nd October). So that I could note it down in my diary, with a big exclamation mark beside it. The singles released in this campaign thus far, “Stay”, “As Long As You’re Here”, “December” (I Never Learn) and “I Don’t Wanna Hold On“, have been excellent indicators that this album will more than likely be an extraordinarily, good one. And, as I have been switched onto Moyka’s brilliant alt-pop mastery from the beginning. I am really excited about having a full album from her. So that I can dive in and luxuriate in the gloriousness of the music and the thoughtful lyrics.

Moyka hasn’t given me any cause for concern with her music. She has been consistently outstanding. In very typical fashion for the Norwegian pop witch, she heads up the album release with another flawless track, “Illusion“. It’s a track about falling for someone and having every indication that these feelings are being reciprocated. But being unaware until much later, their intentions were not being matched as first thought.

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The video that has just been released in support of the track marks a step forward for Moyka. She has always been a good, lyrical storyteller but had not matched this strength in the direction of her music videos. Releasing the video clip for “Illusion“. We see her reenact (for the first time) the lyrical narrative of the song. She gives a very touching performance. In fact, it is very, lovely to see her flourish in this way. Through the music, I have formed the impression she is sweet and tenderhearted. I respect her for allowing us in, further on this track than any other. I am loving seeing her shine and glowing. I know pop witches are not meant to be seen like that, but still, if they can cast the spells, they are allowed to break them just as easily. As with everything good vs evil, there are good witches as well as, wicked ones. I already worked out Moyka is definitely one of the good ones.

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