There is no doubt about it, being introduced to new Scandinavian or Nordic pop artists is a good way to pique my interest. Such a wealth of music heritage. Acts from these regions are renowned for making both, brilliant pop and experimentally leaning, left-of-centre songs, extremely well. They also do have a tendency to embrace using electronic elements. Which of course, is what I am happiest to hear about. In truth, I had some reservations when a note came in, introducing me to Moyka. Not meant as being taken for rude or cheeky, (I am being observational) the official press photo doesn’t really give an obvious impression that this young lady is a very good new emerging pop talent. As a school portrait photo, it would look really nice on some proud parents living room wall. It’s just as well, I check out each and every one of the pitches and submissions sent into me. On this stand-alone occasion, this newcomer is very good. Shows the abilities to be quite a big new concern in music, even.

Moyka is a twenty-one-year-old Norwegian. Two and a half years ago, she enrolled on a music production degree in Bergen. She nursed the dream – or rather, the conviction – that she’d one day be creating music. “Colder” is her debut release. It’s sharp, intense and takes a lot of influence from some of the most revered Scandinavian and Nordic music artists of the modern era. Although, it is evident which act above all others this young lady holds in high regard. You probably wouldn’t anticipate that Moyka’s debut draws a lot of parallels to the heavy synth developed style in which Röyksopp work, as it sounds rather too ambitious for a newbie. From hitting play the button on the song, it’s all there in fruition, in a golden split-second.

Colder” clean took my breath away and I expect upon grabbing your first listen you will feel much the same about the track and Moyka. She’s got me to sit up, pay attention and interested to see what else this fantastic Norwegian solo artist has up her sleeve. Of that big comment, I’ve made – “Shows the abilities to be quite a big new concern in music, even.” Watch this live performance of “Colder” (below) and I dare you not to be of the exact same opinion.

Connect with Moyka
Twitter: @moykamusic