Nothing gets me more excited than getting my ears on new music from Norway’s electronic wunderkind Moyka. You might have noticed. As soon as Moyka (Monika Engeseth) unleashes a new track, I have a tendency to jump on it, quick smart. (To tell the truth, I’m still, pretty made up at the fact, the Emerging Artist feature I wrote about the singer-songwriter has a shout-out on her Wikipedia page.) She put out two awesome EP’s “Circles” and “Spaces” when first inked, with MADE Records. Which I totally raved about when released in 2019 and 2020, respectively. The latest announcement from Moyka is that the debut album is coming later this year. She has snuck out a double A-side single release, comprising of tracks “As Long as You’re Here” and “Stay” with new home SNAFU Records.

I certainly have had no problems connecting with Moyka’s music. Her brilliantly accomplished musicality speaks volumes to me. That is just how she has intended it to be. It is her favoured way of communication. Pretty cool, to be this way, if you ask me. Moyka’s previous releases focused on dealing with the sorrows associated with heartbreak. I would like to see the next chapter leading to the album exude with more joy and happiness. Big hints that this might be the way forward for Moyka, come by way of “As Long as You’re Here.” A widescreen, multi-layered electronic-pop effort in the vein of The Sound Of ArrowsVoyage era. The Moyka track is an indicator of finding contentment and being open to love.

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The trend heats up a few paces on the accompanying track “Stay.” It seems as though Moyka is absolutely letting the love flood-in. Her captivating artistry has been elevated with notably uplifting tones, buzzier electronics and endearing icy vocals. Moyka is giving us yearning and honesty meets with sparkly and distinctiveness. A sense of shimmering wonderment and a nod to the ethereal. She has made positive ripples on the internet thus far. The new tracks indicate she’s on course to blow up, the blogosphere stratospherically through 2021. If you only have one electronic artist on your radar this year, Moyka is the one you should be most keenly interested in. Just saying…

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