There was a good reason I put the pause button on and broke away from writing up my round-up of participants to look out for during the Eurovision semi-final 2, heat (to be televised 16th, May.) The songs which have got me feeling some big kind of way. That I am excited by them. There are a few songs in this heat of which the Norwegian entry “Spirit In The Sky” performed by KEiiNO is one, where I feel that some added magic has been sprinkled over them.

I am confident the Eurovision audience will instantly warm to KEiiNO’s entry. We only have to look as far as previous Scandi winners Loreen with “Euphoria” and Denmark’s Emmelie Deforest “Teardrops” to know that Europe appreciates the electronic and folk-pop elements combined. “Spirit In The Sky” brings the best of worlds and Fred of the group introduces Sami chants into our lives as well. My first impression of the song was that it felt gimmicky, but equally as much I loved everything about Alexandra’s beautiful vocal.

By an act of small coincidence last year KEiiNO vocalist Tom Hugo wrote and performed the official Pride single in Norway “Family” (I wrote about it here.) He was also a finalist at Norway’s Eurovision national selection competition in 2018 with the song “I Like, I Like, I Like.“ This year he is one-third of KEiiNO and gets to wear a curious wig in the music video. I bet a year ago, he didn’t expect to be dressed up this way, but that’s how strange the music business is Tom! With quite a few epic ballads and dramatic entries, this year no-one can deny “Spirit In The Sky” and similarly with Luca Hänni’s “She Got Me” they are complete mood lifters. In crafting a pop banger though, KEiiNO has got the edge.

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