It’s true. New emerging electronic and pop acts from Australia and New Zealand are often among some of the quirkiest musicians to be found on the planet. I don’t know what it is about the antipodeans that make them ever so slightly yet, endearingly eccentric (for want of better description.) They really have been on top form throughout 2018, and I’ve shared the absolute best of these acts here on EQ Music Blog. Over the past twenty-four months, we’ve featured Haiku Hands, G Flip, Confidence Man, Theia, JEFFE, Mallrat, Cub Sport, BATTS and Donatachi. However, if searching for something a bit slicker the Australians and New Zealanders are very good at producing this too. When looking at this, newcomers Foley, are our first choice pick, to bring to your attention.

The duo, are New Zealanders Ashleigh Wallace and Gabriel Everett, they contribute equally to the band both sharing vocal duties and production. Their excellent track “Stranger” is only their third single. But over just these mere handful of releases, they have been quick to harness an upbeat style of alluring, glossy, pop imagining, for themselves. The duo gives us the chance to drown our ears in pulsing synths, dynamically strong vocals, fresh production and thoughtful, intelligent lyrics.

The duo discusses the inspiration behind the release:

“In the complex landscape of young love, “Stranger” narrates the struggle to reconcile who we are before, and after, a pivotal relationship in our history.”

It’s a song with a reflective mood. One for slinking into when we’ve navigated the hurt and painful memories of a break-up, or saying a final goodbye to the person we once were before having grown into a better version of ourselves. Foley, have a natural chemistry which will impulsively hold your attention. Their smart ways and pristine musicality are getting them noticed. All looks bright for 2019.

Connect with Foley
Twitter: @wearefoley