Wait up! Isn’t it quite something to find out Cub Sport is giving us, our first taste of their third album. I mean, I was only talking about BATS album track “Hawaiian Party” days ago. Because of its rather special accompanying video, written and produced by American, YouTube/Vine sensations Ethan and Grayson Dolan. Yet, it seems the cubbies never stopped writing and recording throughout the whole of the BATS promotional process. Without the normal break between, album campaigns, single “Sometimes” is here.

What’s new about this song, that has made the band move forward, expeditiously? Well, it stands out to me they’ve learned the synth-pop sound is a style which suits them, Tim Nelson’s graceful vocals and personal lyricism. What is more, the inspiring nature of BATS has brought them lots of attention with people connecting to the bands tender vibe. There was a lot to be said on BATS, about embracing identity, but in doing so, has opened the floodgates with a calmer perspective going forward.

The soul-baring lyrics of “Sometimes” document the singers’ experiences, thoughts and emotions to the amazing, yet at times overwhelming reception BATS has garnered. He sings “Even the highs feel like lows.” “I can’t accept the feelings of elation.” “I’m leaning further in than ever. Let you in, but now I need to be guarded.” I see this song as a testament to being spiritually centred, a guide to looking after your wellness and keeping a self-care, mindful balance in order. In a way, more eloquently put life lessons from Cub Sport.

Tim’s angelic, pure voice helps create the dreamiest of melodies while taking us on a journey through their world. His ability to sing openly is utterly compelling, but also, completely uplifting.

Londoners can next catch Cub Sport live, supporting Aurora at O2 Forum Kentish Town 11th October (ticket details here.)

There’s even more reason to celebrate the band have also just announced a string of, UK and European dates for February 2019. Get in quick here before they sell out!

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