I’ve been told I’ve been sleeping on Australia’s latest export, pop-rap sensation Mallrat but that couldn’t be further than the truth. I have been presented to the youngster’s work before, on the whole, the dreamy vibe became lost on me, but as a vocalist and songwriter, there is definitely something here, which I can talk about. I feel best connected to the track “UFO” with Australian rapper Allday, so let’s start from here.

Actually, it feels a very good place to start as Mallrat was spurred on to get into music after she attended an Allday gig when she was just pushing sixteen years old. She since found her way into producing blissfully melancholic pop songs, rife with confessional lyrics of the openly honest and genuinely distinctive kind. Stories which paint a candid snapshot of her youthfulness. Best of all her sing-style of rap travels in its own lane without a mere hint of Lily Allen, Elliphant, Iggy et all.

The track “UFO” tips the balance between lyrics, vocals and musicality on the ear-pleasing right side of the pop equation for me. It comes from a place of chilled beats, soft electronic ambience and a delicately hushed vocal which is so pure and unfiltered in it’s thinking. On teaming up with Allday, Mallrat (aka Grace Shaw) says, she couldn’t see herself teaming up with anyone else, such is the close bond between the two artists. “I feel like we’re two peas in a pod, so it’s pretty amazing that we can work together,” says Mallrat. “I don’t know if there are a lot of other vocalists that I would feel comfortable asking to be on my songs, just because I feel like lyrics are so personal for me. But, because he’s such a close friend and we always get where each other are coming from, it felt perfect for the song.”

The video for this song is evocatively mesmerising in a science fiction web television series type of way. It seems to portray Mallrat being summoned back to an alien world, is she not of this world? Perhaps that it’s throughout times in life they’ll be those moments when you feel like an outsider. I’m thinking this is more what this song is all about. “UFO” gives us the best reason yet to understand why there’s a lot of excitement building around Mallrat. You be the judge, I dare you not to like it…

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