New Zealander Theia continues to break new ground. The singer came to my attention earlier this year when she released “Bye Bye,” a track bursting with quirky, electronic-pop, goodness. And I continue to stand by my remark, “Theia’s classy trademark pop is easy to like, and hard to resist.” Latest track “Candy” is full of sass and brings a distinctive splash of highly addictive colourful pop flavours to the table.

Theia’s vivid and interesting release “Candy” has a hyper-cool dynamic. Set to stabbing electronic beats, it has the same kind of rousing spirit exhibited by the girl power movement. The combination of moxy-fuelled sounds and explosive beats bring the listener back to the barbed, bubblegum punk style made famous back in the day by pop-with-attitude girl duo Shampoo. As on the track, Theia rambunctiously retorts like a cheerleader. Sharp but to the point, emphasizing she’s tough, but she’s sweet like candy. She’s just living life, and she’s living it how she likes. It’s a track which is meant to be blasted with the volume way up.

For the supporting music video, Theia looks to pop-art for inspiration. The clip, shot by Auckland-based photographer Zara Gilbert and directed and edited by fellow Kiwi animator and graphics artist Mardo El-Noor is every inch a culture clash of imagery. Pitting bold splashes of colour with comic book style font words. Meshing artists styles with digital effects and graphic art. There are so many ideas bursting out to be noticed, yet it is Theia who in among the hub-bub of flashing symbols and art manages to catch the eye.

Theia is uncompromising, peppy with incredible drive and talent. She’s bright, right and ripe to claim a bigger place in the pop stakes for 2019, which is just perfect because the momentum around her continues to grow.

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