Thinking back for a moment. This year has seen the release of some brilliantly good albums. In fact, I have been invested far more in album’s, released over the past twelve months than I usually am. One I had been looking forward to the most comes from rising pop star JORDY. In the lead-up to the arrival of his debut album, “Mind Games.” The singer-songwriter made strides ahead. He landed spots on both the prime time TV programmes, The Today Show and Jimmy Fallon. He wouldn’t have made it onto primetime without the power of his songs. Although more importantly, because of writing great, lyrics steeped in authenticity. This being a topic covered extensively on the blog when I have written about JORDY.

I have felt “Mind Games” is an album I should definitely listen to a few times before jotting down some thoughts about it. I have been doing precisely that. I’ve kept going back to it. Tuning in intently each time. Although, rather than I go over the intricacies of JORDY’s songcraft, again. For the purpose of this review. I wanted to share more of the emotional effect and responses the album evoked in me.

I sensed listening to “Mind Games” was always going to open up some wounds for me. This was because of a substantial amount of the subject matter covered. Resonated with me about situations that have happened in my life. None more so than the ones about. Self-doubt. Self-discovery. Unrequited love and allowing hurtful words to wound me. I might come across as a well-grounded Virgo, but my nemesis has always been that of connecting with my emotions. I have a tendency of compartmentalizing my feelings. Listening to “Mind Games“, helped me revisit situations I had long since padlocked away.

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Bad dates. I’ve had my fair share of them. Rather than be lonely. I picked the guys that were wrong for me. And stayed with them. I was always the one who got dumped. was never the dumpee and got back with them. Can’t you tell, I really connect with JORDY’s track “I Just Want To Be Loved“?

In the past, I have been the worst for people-pleasing. Perhaps it would have helped teenage me to realize I needed to learn to love myself first. Had lyricists like JORDY been around at the time, and had I been introduced to a song with depth much like “Till It Hurts” when I was growing up. As for thinking, every new guy that came into my life would be the one I would settle down with. This notion was always “Better In My Head“, and I would end up selling myself short. As I’ve grown older, I’ve realized I should have prioritized what truly made me happiest. Being an introvert with social anxiety issues, a lot of the time meant I felt like disconnecting. Taking yourself out of the equation is fine. As the track “South Dakota” tells us, some alone time can be good for personal growth.

Yeah, socially awkward, introverts like me who need plenty of personal space, found dating difficult and challenging.

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One track I haven’t taken a look at yet is the latest one, “Sticks and Stones“. It is one of two collaborations on JORDY’s debut body of work. Joined by Charlotte Sands, the track explores how the misuse of words can affect us badly. Like being the quiet introverted kid at school. The one who was an easy target. The butt of the joke. The only girl in class to wear glasses. (NHS ones). The one who found it difficult to fit in. Who found solace in music and was regarded as the class music geek. That quiet, sensitive kid was me. Look at what I am doing today, writing this blog. Supporting up-and-coming musicians. I turned that situation around and now embrace my music geek trait, wholeheartedly, every day.

The album helped me to confront some demons that were closeted away for a very long time. I was not expecting the outcome of listening to “Mind Games” to be like a wellness exercise. Although this is the way it turned out, for me. It just goes to prove how effectively JORDY taps into emotions. And how excellent his storytelling is to have made me feel all of the things I did.

You don’t want to miss out. JORDY’s excellent debut album “Mind Games” is out now. Check it out here

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