Although it was never in doubt. Jordy’s sophomore album, “BOY,” which was released on Friday, is full of relatable bops, heartfelt confessions, and artistic authenticity. Especially, since I am aware that storytelling is at the heart of his craft. It is when I noticed that JORDY takes the songs on this album to such a deeply personal level that the incredible openheartedness in his songwriting is unmatched. His style is so sincere and soul-baring that whenever I listen to these songs, I feel I am the friendly listening ear who picked up his phone call in his hour of need. We will talk for hours and not want to stop, and no topic is off-limits.

BOY” chronicles a coming-of-age journey, heavily focusing on a young boy making his way in the world. When navigating love and relationships to discussing mental health and sharing thoughts about the inevitability of growing old. Equally, when prone to melancholy and introspection (“i get high,”) and when feeling hopeful (“Story of a Boy“). JORDY sings about his experiences using an endearingly empathetic manner at all times.

Commenting on the album concept, JORDY says of “BOY” …

“When you’re young, you look at adults and envy their wisdom and experience; but here I am, 27 years old, and there are many days where I feel lost. It makes me think about how when you are young, all you want is to be older, and once you get older, all you want is to stay young.”

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Coinciding with the album release, JORDY shared a colourful video for the track “Good Not Great“. This is a song that shines a light on mental health and low mood. However, as he addresses his struggles, he willingly turns his sadness into an infectious earworm anthem. In a relatable and personable video directed by Lily Judge, JORDY appears restless and uneasy. He resorts to self-care and relaxation activities, reading and listening to music. In every scene, he is depicted as trying his hardest to feel on top of the world. Although, despite his best efforts, he has not yet achieved his goal of feeling as fabulous as his multi-coloured trousers.

Even when in his self-reflective state. JORDY still, maintains his relatable storytelling approach with integrity and a dash of fun.

JORDY will tour the UK for the first time in May with special guests Myylo and Ocean Tisdall

Birmingham – Hare & Hounds – May 23rd
London – Amazing Grace – May 24th
Manchester – Night and Day – May 25th

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