People can say a lot about how difficult it can be to catch a break in the music business. Putting the work in and keeping his eyes on the goal, LA-based pop artist JORDY is thriving. There is no let-up in the pace the pop bangers keep coming. There’s been quite an extended run of single releases in the last twenty-four months. Does Jordy Shulman write them in his sleep? The latest offering from the singer-songwriter is “Better In My Head“. An honest bop, written about romanticizing a relationship too much.

It is one thing to think about, fantasize even, seeing yourself in different life situations, and living your best life. (We all want this for ourselves). But another to actually achieve the stuff of dreams. How, many times, does the end result fall short of the expectations we have about fulfilling an ultimate goal? Buying that luxury coat, only for a button to fall off. Treating ourselves to a deluxe meal, for it not to taste as good as expected. We are building pictures and allowing our imagination to take over. The same happens when thinking about the hot guy we’ve had our eye on. We might have built up unreal expectations of them being perfect in every way. Only to find out that this version only ever truly existed in our head only. It’s a life lesson you’d feel we learn from but rarely do when the heart takes over the thinking from your head.

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Better In My Head” for JORDY is about craving attention. An anthem about the hook-up that didn’t leave you feeling great at all. Just kinda sad and used instead of feeling warmed up inside with love and affection. We’ve all been there, right? JORDY has written “Better In My Head,” for everyone who longs to be cared about, that they find someone special to help make us feel all of the feel-good feelings. JORDY is a songwriter who has a remarkable way of saying things exactly how they are, with eloquence and real meaning. Without a doubt, he is poised for stardom.

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