I was expecting a new song from JORDY. He has been hinting at this for weeks. Furthermore, I knew this next release was especially important. Since when he continued releasing teaser clips of the track. However, on a personal level. It was the case, that neither the band Nine Days nor their song, “Absolutely (Story of a Girl),” are familiar to me. And that to begin with. I did not fully appreciate the significance of the song’s influence, which featured heavily in the teaser clips. In the end, I had it worked out. That JORDY was interpolating the iconic Nine Days track, reimagining it in a new way and from a gay perspective.

Using a song sample is a bit of a departure for JORDY. Since, I did not see him attempt this before in a song. Be that as it may, he has specific reasons for choosing the song “Absolutely (Story of a Girl)” with the intentions of relating it to his own coming-of-age story. Upon release of his version, “Story of a Boy,” he jointly revealed his sophomore album “BOY” arrives on April 21st. In a video release party session aired on YouTube, he said,

“the new body of work comes from the persepctive of someone who has learned things about themselves because of reflecting on their younger experiences.”

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He mentioned there are twelve tracks on “BOY” during the session. Further confirming, that four of them, “Dry Spell“, “IDK SHIT“, “I Get High” along with “Story of a Boy,” each feature on the album.

Aside from the deeper stuff that gets explored in the new era, by contrast, JORDY found a way to add an amusing dash of humour to the promotion campaign. He achieved this by inviting John Hampson of the band Nine Days to feature in the “Story of a Boy” video. Which is a nice extra quirky twist on the concept of the new JORDY song idea. The icing on the cake, you might say.

The album ”BOY” is out on April 21st. PRE-Save HERE

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