Yes, I was a latecomer to the JORDY party. Discovering his fabulous, beautiful track (“All Good“) only just recently. Realising my oversight, I made it a tip-top priority of mine to stay firmly in the loop with his future offerings. It is just as well I did so, as the main man is about to step out on tour (US -only) and at the same time is unleashing some fresh new songs as well which will form his next EP. Jordy kicks off 2020, in superb style by asking the question “Is It Love?” on his first release of the year.

What made me want to write about this track, in particular, was the unabashed use of melody. It is most importantly, massively, pop, and also rhythmically bold. Something I wish, more artists would follow in Jordy’s lead and engage with more in their own music offerings. It is a nice change to have my ears set alight at the beginning of a track, for once. Instead of waiting for the fireworks to go off in the chorus when it arrives.

We talk about the use of authentic lyrics all the more these days. About music artists opening up to being vulnerable and sharing these thoughts and emotions evermore so, in their songwriting. Jordy is a good advocate of this style of penmanship. His tracks come from a place of pure openness, he lays unfiltered truths on the line. I know this because he is very, good at supporting his releases with very candid explanations of their meanings and backstories, online. See what he had to say about “Is It Love?” below (Idea! Why don’t you support him with an Insta follow, to keep in the loop with all that he shares.)

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”Is It Love?” is out EVERYWHERE and here comes a sappy post. I struggle with anxiety! The past five years have been a rollercoaster – whether it’s small things like flying on a plane, getting a cold and immediately running to urgent care because I think it’s something much worse, repeating something I said to someone over and over again in my head and contemplating whether it was cool or smart or funny – to bigger things like being abandoned by someone who would never leave me, always thinking people are mad at me, apologizing profusely when I don’t need to; the list goes on. I was on Zoloft for around a year in college, have always been in therapy, always always always trying to find ways of working and cooperating with this brain of mine. I attended @outsessions in October and was lucky enough to be paired with @jbach and @jacknewsome and I immediately felt comfortable being vulnerable with them. At the time, I was going on dates with someone who I liked very much. He was sweet and funny and adorable – but I wasn’t feeling anxious about him. I was pretty confident he was into me- we had great conversations, fun dates etc. So I begged the question in my writing session – if I’m not anxious about this person, does it mean I like them? As crazy as the concept sounds, I often associate anxiety with love. And the song was born. This song is bubbly and fun and positive sounding, and in many ways it does represent my strides in being able to find love that doesn’t come with anxiety and fear. But it’s also me putting all my shit on the table and being honest with you guys about who I am and what I’ve struggled with. With all that said, I hope you guys enjoy the tune, sing in the shower to it, dance your heart out, and maybe even find some connection to it. Thanks again to @jbach and @jacknewsome for making this with me. Y’all are stupid good at what you do. Much love. Link to the song in my bio 💕😊

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JORDY’s lyrical maturity is on point. Songs which burst with feelings. Pop with no filter but of a clever, likeable brand.

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