What is wrong with me? I have not formally announced that emerging pop singer/songwriter JORDY will release his debut album “Mind Games” on November 5th. The 12-track record features the recent singles – “Long Distance“, “Tomorrow” ft OSTON, “I Just Wanna Be Loved“, “Better In My Head“, “Till It Hurts“, and “If He’s In Your Bed“. A total of 6 tracks we have come to enjoy listening to very much over the past year. *It also means there are an additional 6 tracks we have yet to hear. Although as of today. JORDY has just unleashed stripped-back offering “South Dakota.” (Which makes that *previous statement incorrect and superseded. Technically 5 tracks now.)

When speaking about JORDY previously. I have commented on noticing him as a good advocate of an authentic lyrical style of penmanship. It is something that comes up time and time again when I have written about him. For the most part, a strength that is used in combination with a good dash of pop melody. With the “Mind Games” album release just around the corner. He wanted to show us a different side to his songwriting and artistry. He does this with “South Dakota.” The acoustic track was written about wanting to escape to the middle of nowhere. A song, written around a theme of isolation and longing.

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We all go through times when life gets hard. We end up feeling tired and worn out. Sometimes we treat ourselves to a holiday where we can switch off and unwind a bit. When this isn’t enough. Perhaps the answer lies in going for a significant kind of disconnect. Like staying in a remote location. Switching off from social media and the internet. Full-on, detox. “South Dakota” explores these feelings in a similarly stripped-back and affecting way. We hear JORDY swapping out his usual emboldened pop style for the dreamy strums of a singular guitar.

In many ways, because of a complete shift in dynamic and musical diversity. “South Dakota” made me stop in my tracks and appreciate his lyrical prowess even more. Writing with Jonny Shorr and Sophie Hintze resulted in a track that is special and tender. I have not heard one like it from JORDY since he collaborated with Myylo on “Tuck Your Head Under the Covers“. It feels like a full-circle moment. Being the track where I first picked up, on him. Make a note. There are 9 days until the album drops. One thing I can assure you about it. We’ve got it marked up as an essential listen and feel, sure our readers (who should be familiar with him now) will similarly feel the same.

JORDY’s debut album “Mind Games” is out November 5th via 300 EntertainmentPRE-SAVE HERE

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