Dear reader. Were you among the many lovely people who made it down to our EQ Music Live show on Wednesday? Those of you who joined us for our first showcase of the year may have noticed we had background music playing in between the artist sets from Ocean Tisdall, Sofi Vonn and TIN. What you were hearing just above the pleasant hum of socialising and chatter, was in fact, the first play anywhere of our This Beat Is Poptronik” Playlist – March 2023 Spotify playlist. Without bias. I thought the latest update we curated of the playlist sounded extra spectacular in this edition.

MARCH 2023 features…

Choosing a contender for the opening spot on our “This Beat Is Poptronik,” playlist was not an easy decision to make on this occasion. We went back and forth between P!NK and Samira multiple times before finally settling on the seriously catchy club-bound bomb “Like This, Like That“, the debut track by Samira. Therefore, “TRUSTFALL” by P!NK slipped to number two on the list. Yet it is still a bona fide electro-pop stomper, in our opinion.

Because of the twenty-four years pause between the old stuff and the latest songs. We had to mark the return of Everything But The Girl with both blissful new tracks “Nothing Left To Lose” and “Caution To The Wind.”

We have never hidden our lifelong adoration of Depeche Mode. Therefore it was always a given that our favourite electronic stalwarts would make it through the playlist selection process with their melancholy, lyrically articulate and compelling track “Ghosts Again” – the first single from the upcoming fifteenth studio album “Memento Mori.” which is released on March 24th.

A new remix of the Madonna track “Sorry” recently impacted the internet as well – did you hear? The reworking by BLOND:ISH, Eran Hersh and Darmon was unleashed to coincide with the seventeenth anniversary of the track’s original release – furthermore making good use of Madonna’s back catalogue to make her songs even more relevant for Generation Z. The eagle-eyed among you may have noted I did not write about this update of “Sorry” on the blog. We felt the new version perfectly suits the playlist better.

Whatever you do, you should not miss these gems from PG Roxette, Sean Smith, Le FIL, ZEE MACHINE and Lemar. It goes without saying that you should also be paying attention to Sofi Vonn, Ocean Tisdall and TIN and discover their excellent music as well.

Put these emerging artists on your radar:

JORDY remains a favourite emerging artist of mine, whom I have written about countless times on the blog. Most recently I featured the track “Story Of A Boy” and I am uber excited about his upcoming sophomore album, “BOY“. JORDY is a songwriter with a remarkable way of saying things exactly how they are, meaningful and with eloquence. Without a doubt, he is poised for stardom.

Of course, Samira is not the first star on stage or screen to embark on a music career, and neither will she be the last. Yet with a song as enormous and earworm-worthy as, “Like This, Like That,” speaking truthfully, this is a launch on a colossal scale. She has undeniable star quality, dare I say it. As early as we are into 2023, undoubtedly, it is one of the boldest and most exciting pop songs of this year so far.

There is no doubt Grace Gaustad is turning heads and could also be the next global pop sensation. Each and every track they share with us is proof of that. Grace has earned cosigns from Lady Gaga and Mick Jagger and they know better what makes a bona fide pop star, probably more than anyone.

Because of masses of pop potential and the cracking tune “Salvatore“. I sense Bentley Robles is on course to make big waves in 2023. At the very least, it would be a good idea that you have him on your radar as we do.

Our reason for curating our This Beat Is Poptronikplaylists is to help you discover a new favourite track and/or artist for yourself. Following us on Spotify is a good way of never missing out on updates in the first instance. If you like more info and insight about what you have listened to and discovered. Check back on the blog for more “This Beat Is Poptronik” news and an updated playlist sometime soon.