It seems every song JORDY releases blows up on TikTok these days. He has become one of the TikTok famous, but I was interested in the music before all of this started. So feel I did my duty as a music blogger/ tastemaker in getting the EQ readers involved super early. Ahead of the curve, it would seem. Fact! I have become a bit of a serial offender when it comes to writing about him. Purely because he has found his lane. (Striking similarity to Troye Sivan and Lauv). Also, he has not put a foot wrong yet. (Sorry to pile on the pressure). There is a reason for the increased pace of recent single releases. The debut full-length album arrives in September. To this end, JORDY is sharing with us one last summer ready bop. “Till It Hurts“.

The track is written about self-acceptance. Understanding our flaws and embracing our uniqueness.

“I think we all feel like we’re hard to love sometimes”. He says. “I’ll go out of my way to love someone else so fiercely that I’ll forget to love myself”. Further adding, “Till It Hurts” is me owning all of my flaws and insecurities while also recognizing my capacity and ability to love someone else unconditionally. Even if it hurts.”

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Because the pop culture of the 80s is never far from my mind. My initial thoughts on the “Till It Hurts” music video instantly had me picking out lots of comparability to the movie musical GREASE. (Yes, I know the film was released in 1978, making it not strictly 80s. but it started the trends which followed into the 80s.) In his latest bout of soul-searching, JORDY revisits a high school campus. He dances among the bleachers the same as John Travolta did in the movie, (well sorta). And sings out loud in front of the lockers as Britney did for the “Baby One More Time” video clip. The only way to look at the “Till It Hurts” video is with a good dose of nostalgia. If you are in the mood for reminiscing about your school days, then watching JORDY in this music video is sure to jog some memories.

Most of all, we are treated to another fine example of his unique spin on pop music and a finely, honed sense of songcraft.

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