Independent LA-based musician JORDY has kept us entertained with his many song releases throughout the year. Everything he has given us has a spring of pop in its step. If this wasn’t enough to keep me happy, he has really upped the energy on “Lip Locked” the latest cut he’s shared. JORDY has stepped into anthem mode with this endearing, slice of lyrically illuminated, pop. Which he wrote about a guy he once dated, more specifically about how the guy couldn’t open up with, in-depth, conversation.

On the latest Episode of JORDY’s podcast “Audiobinge,” the singer cited The 1975 and Loote as influences for the big pop sound used on “Lip Locked.” I must say when listening in to the track, the Loote vibe really is unmistakably evident. JORDY’s empathic voice is paired with a hugely euphoric melody. It’s so good to be hearing a brightly ebullient music release come through in this week of all weeks.

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JORDY and his cinematic team also went to town with the use of colour for the Ryan Wagner directed and produced music video. The clip show’s JORDY kicking-back in an array of informal situations. At a bar, chilling in his living room and by the pool. While at all times surrounded with a rainbow assortment of colours as a backdrop. These vibrant colours are also wholly reflective of the cheerful, uplifting groove which permeates through every beat of the song.

Whether he’s unleashing, thoughtfully emotive indie-pop tracks or undeniable bops like “Lip Locked.” JORDY always steps up to the plate giving the best he can possibly bring to the music. If aspiring pop artists need a few pointers in, heart-on-sleeve lyrics, they’d do best to study any one of JORDY’s track releases. He really is super skilled in this area.

Guess what “Lip Locked” acts as the first teaser of JORDY’s next, upcoming EP, so we already know to expect some great pop going into 2021. A very, pleasant thought to cling on, to right now.

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