Out, with a new, track “Stung“, today. (Because, believe it or not, Adele is not the only one dropping new music today). Is the Australian pop singer-songwriter TIN. After covering several releases by TIN on the blog, I have noticed he is an artist who thrives on creativity. Someone who is always looking for a way to change things up. Giving his audience something different. And yet, authentically rooted in queer intentions. More often than not. This means we have gotten to see TIN dress-up as a way of portraying various characters. (Or dress down to his Andrew Christian briefs as in the video for “Firm“). Supporting the release of “Stung“. He’s taken his biggest artistic step yet.

You know. Watching RuPaul’s Drag Race UK season 3. I had been convinced into thinking Choriza May or River Medway were the new queens for me, this season. That was before I caught sight of the foxy lady in pink who appears in TIN’s “Stung” video. The name of this stunner?… it is TIN (but I think she requires a drag name so I’m putting ‘Tin Ahh Glitter‘ out there as a suggestion). Who garbs up in drag alongside some of the fiercest queens London has to offer. Polka Dot, Le Fil, Coco Couture and JVST TINA. Visions of loveliness who exude the same BETTER big drag energy. Of the kind we were introduced to last night on the latest episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race UK

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Stung” is a song of substance. As well as fizzing with B.D.E. because of the video… TIN explains the track further…

Stung” is about not being underestimated and not putting up with other people’s rubbish. I wrote it after a night out at a trashy club in Brisbane. Having met so many gay men who were taking themselves way too seriously. I get exhausted by people who are arrogant with nothing to show, and I wanted to write something a bit tongue in cheek about the experience.”

Sure to catch on quick. Is the buzzy refrain “you betta watch out or you’ll get stung” . Practice, practice, practice this, girlfriends. TIN wants you, word perfect for EQ Music Live next Saturday 23rd October. – Ticket details HERE

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