The Australian pop singer TIN is feeling particularly amorous on his new track “Chasing Highs“. The song was inspired by a friendship group, of whom all are very in touch with their feelings. While dancing the night away at the club, they are tactile in showing affection to one another. Elaborating on this further, TIN shares…

“There was an undeniable feeling of sisterhood amidst the platonic kissing. I LOVE the moment where my lips are an inch away from someone else’s right before we kiss. “Chasing Highs” is a metaphor for the magnetic pull in that moment before kissing.”

As with his previous music videos, TIN was again eager to translate the themes of the euphoric track into a visual format. Something tells me he really enjoyed recreating the true-to-life events of this particular night out for the “Chasing Highs” video.

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With the above said, I expect you might be curious to take a peek at the snogging action that unfolds in the Matto Lucas-directed film clip. As pleasant and steamy as the video treatment might sound. I should warn you there is a twist on the concept of “Chasing Highs“. As the platonic kissing between boys ensues. A woman is also brought into the scene to join in the fun.

Explaining the move, TIN says,

“I wanted to do something different with “Chasing Highs“, so I decided to toy with the notion that sexuality can be fluid. Casting a girl to be kissing all these boys as well was a nod to that fluidity as well as bisexuality.”

TIN is a pop artist always thinking about the queer representation and portrayal used in his music videos. We see tenderness and softness at the heart of the “Chasing Highs” visual clip. It is heartening to see TIN explore more of this side of him. In addition to the playful antics I have seen previously and also enjoyed.

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