We made our first check-in of the year with Australian pop singer-songwriter TIN just a month ago. When celebrating the launch of his latest EP, “Sex, Cologne and Cigarettes,” and the release of the steamy music video which supports the title track. The unfiltered and provocative music video is full of intimate and tender moments. Making the clip undoubtedly TIN’s most sensual offering to date. The EP already spawned the focus singles “Stung,” “Weasel,” and “Firm“. Oddly enough, the final track left to spotlight is “Kingdom of Lights” in which TIN changes up the pace once more.

TIN celebrates Pride month by not following the trend of others and by not sharing an uplifting and danceable anthem. Instead, this time he favours expressing vulnerability, choosing a dramatic ballad over cheery, light-hearted content. Seeking inspiration in a monologue from TIN’s favourite movie, “The Perks of Being a Wallflower“.

Matto Lucas shot, edited, and directed the video for the song, which features footage from Pride protests and events around the world as TIN treks through a utopian hillside. With the idea, the clip represents the journey that the LGBTQIA+ community has endured.

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The song’s lyrics echo these sentiments.

“In the kingdom of lights everybody’s gonna put up a fight. But will you stay with me, trust me with your life. In the kingdom of lights, it can feel like love will tear you apart, but if you hold my hand, we’ll be kings together.”

TIN did not release a slow song since 2020 when he covered “Viva Forever” by The Spice Girls. Switching from thoughtful and emotive themes in “Viva Forever.” Exhibiting playfulness in his dance-pop releases. Back with crafting powerful self-reflection and honesty again in “Kingdom of Lights” shows his versatility as an artist. Therefore the emergence of the “Kingdom of Lights,” appears even more poignant and sobering.

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