The talented Australian pop singer-songwriter TIN is making waves with his music. When he warmed up the crowd at our EQ Music Live Presents event back in February, he left the audience mesmerised with his scintillating new track at the time, synth-pop track, “Buzzed.” Now, TIN is back with his latest release, “Serotonin,” a song set to boost moods and uplift spirits. The highly melodic track is the perfect antidote when days are less sunny. A confident musical boost to help us stay positive.

In truth TIN’s recent releases with Lostchild as producer (including “Serotonin“) showcase a new, confident sound that highlights his musical prowess. Noticeably, the bass-heavy production style in “Serotonin” is especially, alluring, with its endless groove of beats. Similarly, the lyrical narrative of the track is equally fascinating, as it references Saint Sebastian, a queer icon, and also that of a real-life Adonis coincidently named Sebastian. This all adds to the unique charm of the track while showcasing TIN’s creativity and artistic vision.

“I wrote “Serotonin” about a boy named Sebastian. When I was finishing the chorus, I found out that Saint Sebastian is a bit of a gay icon so the lyric was a perfect fit. I’m singing about someone who is untouchable and the concept of a saint references that kind of idolisation.” TIN explains.

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The music videos of TIN are always a treat to watch, thanks to his creative thinking. The “Serotonin” music video is no different. The clip directed and filmed by Aiden Thomas, features a Barbie-esque depiction of Da Vinci’s The Last Supper, with a table full of bread and wine cleverly labelled “Serotonin.” The video also showcases an all-queer cast, including TIN’s sister and his partner and producer, Lostchild.

The attention to detail in the music video is truly impressive. I feel like the day they filmed, they ran all sources of pink dry! For example, the cast of beauties featured in the video are seen sipping on rose wine. One thing is for sure, TIN is growing musically, and his music videos are definitely maturing in style. “Serotonin” is a great example of TIN’s all-round experimentation and showcases his musical prowess.

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