Here we are. It is Christmas time once more. The great wind-down has started. In fact, I have already munched my way through half a yule log and cracked open the mulled wine earlier than usual this year. As enthusiastic and passionate about new music and music blogging as I am. The week before Christmas is only the time of year I would rather spend baking cookies than writing about music. Also, I avoid turning on the radio. My stomach turns over instantly whenever I hear Shakin’ Stevens or Chris Rea, pipe up.

Whatever you think. I am not all grinch. It is of utmost importance to me to spread the love and be kind to people 365 days of the year. I certainly feel joy when I watch an adorable couple sharing tender moments together in a music video. The video for the Australian pop singer-songwriter TINs first festive offering, “Baby in a Bow,” is packed with cuteness and is sweetly endearing.

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It is heartwarming to see same-sex couples recognised more and more on prime time TV in the UK on programmes like Dancing On Ice and Strictly Come Dancing. As a whole, I believe Christmas themed pop music videos need to be more inclusive of same-sex relationships going forward.

I’m blessed to know Joe (Lostchild) – producer of the track and TIN, and it gives me great pleasure to see this heartwarming music video they made. Check their smiles. Kudos to them for wearing their Christmas jumpers. They had the best day out at Hyde Park, Winter Wonderland (I can see it). I have watched the clip for “Baby in a Bow” too many times to mention. Visibly I glow more with every new watch of it, I swear. I feel their love, and they have made me feel the love. I actually want to box up some of my latest batch of cookies fresh out of the oven and post them to these adorable sweethearts. To me, this video is the definition of couples-goals.

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