He is eager to get started on his next project. Today, the pop singer-songwriter TIN releases the track “Buzzed,” his first new music of the year. In his “Chasing Highs” single release (which arrived in September,) he documented his need to experience euphoric feelings. Additionally, he spoke about the thrill of the chase and celebrating friendships. In the next instalment of the upcoming EP, with the track “Buzzed“, there is more to explore about partying in the gay community.

It seems TIN is not done chasing highs. In fact, in his new offering, he openly admits to turning to alcohol to cope with the strangeness of the pandemic. The drink became the crutch to lean on. Yet, instead of looking at the situation in a self-critical way. On the contrary, he accepted having a drink was a help. That he enjoyed the vibe it gave.

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Speaking about this hedonistic lifestyle choice, TIN explains,

“The world of partying for gay men is a whole discourse in itself. We have our own language, we have our own traditions and having come out of the pandemic a different person, I’ve fallen in love with this world all over again. I feel like a kid in a candy store and this song is anthemic to that celebration.”

Rather than evoke the wild excitement of these ecstasy feelings with a video comprising swirling, psychedelic visuals. (As many music videos dealing with this issue do). TIN’s approach is to cover these experiences in a more realistic, hedonistic and homoerotic fashion. Therefore, in the Jordan Blanch directed clip, he invites us to immerse ourselves in the fever dream. The music video explores many different themes, including dark rooms, hallucinations and substance abuse, with each scene representing a separate substance.

If you did not work it out yet in his music endeavours, TIN never compromises on authenticity. In his artistry, he raises the bar. Isn’t afraid to be vulnerable, express emotions or dig deep.

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