So far in our blog coverage of Australian pop singer-songwriter TIN. We’ve been given two little tasters of his creativity and musical artistry by way of his diverse music covers of the Spice Girls track “Viva Forever” and *NSYNC hit song “Bye Bye Bye“. With these forming, an introduction, TIN has set us up nicely for the arrival of “Firm” his first original track in three years. Where he is revealing more of a playful side and sheds even more inhibitions. The song, more importantly, exhibits some considerable depth in its covering of themes of coming out and sexual awakening, in addition to the tracks anthemic dance-pop aesthetic.

Written by TIN with production coming from British singer-songwriter and producer Lostchild, “Firm” sets about making confident statements where understanding identity and personal preferences are concerned. At its core, the underlying message is freedom of choice. We are each free to choose who we are, and who we love/fall in love with.

Explaining the track further TIN shares,

“”Firm” is about the moment that I realised I was gay. Personally, I find kissing men to be firmer than kissing women, and I wanted to put the moment of realising that sexual preference into a song. This song is for anyone who is still discovering their own sexuality, to know that it doesn’t have to be daunting and scary – that it can actually be exciting and freeing.”

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By way of offering some counterbalance to the deeper, meaning found in the lyrics of the song. The music video exudes more of a playful vibe as well as becoming a liberating outlet for open expression. Meeting up with a few of his equally gorgeous friends, we see TIN up the ante in the campest car wash stakes since Rose Royce invited us to take a look into the world of automotive cleaning with their late 70s soul-funk, disco hit. The only thing that could make this segment of the “Firm” visual even more camp would be if that back-flipping car wash character from The Masked Dancer UK breezed in and made a cameo appearance. (I say in jest)

In truth, too much hotness happens at the car wash that TIN has to cool off, with a pool party. I say cool-off, but really that does not happen. There’s hot and (the latest season range (probably)) of Andrew Christian briefs to be seen everywhere.

Honestly, “Firm” is a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day. While reinforcing the message that we learn to have pride in who we are and live authentically. Love wins.

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