Considering that Cub Sport, one of Australia’s most successful exports, released their debut album, “This Is Our Vice,” in 2016k, the band has worked constantly and with very few breaks to achieve their incredible five albums to date. As of April 7th 2023, Cub Sport’s latest work “Jesus At The Gay Bar,”(incidentally their most joyous collection to date) was released into the world.

With any artistic project that has achieved longevity, I expect to see a notable evolution throughout their discography. With this in mind, as a band with five albums to their credit, Cub Sport remains an outstanding example of how to thrive within modern music climates. Since starting out, frontman and songwriter Tim Nelson has most notably and courageously worn his heart on his sleeve. Particularly so when translating his thoughts into lyrical narratives and continually documenting a journey of self-acceptance and healing. In his songwriting, whenever he revisits a theme or situation, he dares to be even more open-hearted about his relationship with his husband, Sam Netterfield each and every time.

Above all, where “Jesus At The Gay Bar” (the title inspired by writer Jay Hulme‘s poem of the same name) differs significantly from other Cub Sport offerings, is the musical direction. Notably, the band’s original alternative-pop styling has gradually evolved to include nods to house, 2-step, and UK garage on their fifth studio album.

The first indication of the band’s crossover into dance-pop appeared in the 2022 single “Always Got the Love“. With this bona fide hit with fans, Cub Sport ushered in a new era which exemplifies the power of pure joy. Similarly, the follow-up focus singles “Replay,” Keep Me Safe,” and “Songs About It” display open-hearted lyricism with a powerful sentiment that’s universally felt but is not always expressed easily.

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Listening to “Jesus At The Gay Bar” as a complete body of work, the cubbies create their greatest impact yet. Most importantly, the sense of euphoria is noticeably palpable throughout. The Mallrat collaboration “Yaya,” is a stand-out track with us. The lyrically direct penmanship on this album derived from real-life experiences/feelings about love, poignancy, and everything in between represents the very best of Tim Nelson’s songwriting.

Ultimately brimming with hypnotic rhythms, spellbinding dreamlike textures, and unabashedly intimate narratives celebrating queer love, “Jesus At The Gay Bar” is a classic in waiting, worthy of dance-floors across the globe.

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In addition, the band kick off their new UK tour in Glasgow on 29th April, before heading to Manchester, Bristol and finishing at London’s Lafayette. Ticket information HERE

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