Australian alt-indie band Cub Sport gave me one of my personal favourite, tracks of 2017, with the sonically mellow masterpiece “Chasin’“. In addition to this, album “BATS” was definitely of top 5 ranking when it came to my year-end picks. I wasn’t aware of the band prior to being introduced to the latest music. Nevertheless, I became an instant fan of, “BATS” after, enjoying the dreamy, electronic style and openly honest songwriting. I have been waiting on tenterhooks for the four-piece to roll out a new single in advance of touring Australia and popping over to the UK for a headline show at The Waiting Room in May. They have plumped to release the track “Good Guys Go” as the next single which also comes ready with a video.

I didn’t have “Good Guys Go“, down as a prospective single, it was a somewhat unexpected choice perhaps, the clue was in the tracks, runtime all along as most, of the songs on the album are particularly, short in length. And there’s still time to unleash the album’s synth banger “Temporarily” while continuing to promote and tour.

As we hear vocalist Tim Nelson sing with utmost, vulnerability on the song while yearning for that special someone to treat him respectfully and show equal commitment to their relationship.The sense of downhearted emotion can be, felt through the downbeat melody and poignantly heartrending lyrics. Setting this most emotionally exposed song to video requires some raw and unshielded visuals. Tim allows us to see the pain cutting deep as he lets his feelings out after, taking a drive to a remote spot, he clears his head by dancing, expressively and mulling over deep thoughts.

Good Guys Go” is by no means the most cheery song on the album “BATS” but it does show that the band are capable of, deeply, thoughtful songwriting and can tackle provocative themes with a balance of purpose, poise and emotion.

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