Video Interview by Raj Rudolph / Words by Mandy Rogers

The other week, in a terrific performance, Australian singer-songwriter TIN performed his typical heartfelt and authentic songs at EQ Music Live. He entertained us with a selection of new and well-loved tracks alike in a phenomenal set. These included “Chasing Highs” and “Buzzed“. Much to our delight TIN also slipped in a particularly touching cover of the Spice Girls track “Viva Forever“.

After his super fun slot, where he supported EQ Music Live headliners Ocean Tisdall and Sofi Vonn, TIN met with Raj backstage for a chat and a catch-up. In Raj’s interview with TIN, he reveals why he chose to cover “Viva Forever.” Shares the story behind his whimsical diss track “Weasel.” In addition, he candidly speaks on his latest song, “Buzzed“. Furthermore, he discusses how he coped with the pandemic since it relates to this track.

Check out our live footage of TIN at EQ Music Live and enjoy our backstage chat with the super fun up-and-coming artist who thrives on creativity and authenticity in equal measure.

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