In November 2023, JORDY shared the track “Things Change.” This was in fact his first release since becoming an independent artist all over again. At the time of releasing “Things Change,” as well as documenting the various events and experiences that lead to JORDY reevaluating certain aspects of life and his music career. As a matter of fact, the track similarly led JORDY to inform everyone to watch out for the new music he had coming out soon, describing these as sexy bops. Likewise, the teasing began on the follow-up single and with the subsequent release of “Second Minute Hour” on Friday. Furthermore, we now know JORDY is a man of his word by unleashing his most sex-say track ever.

JORDY’s music has undergone a remarkable transformation, with electronic elements and strong basslines seamlessly blended into his signature mellow and dreamy style. Known for his authentic lyrical narratives, JORDY has earned a reputation for honesty and heartfelt storytelling. This time, he noticeably takes a refreshing, lighter approach, indulging in the joys of life. I have to admit, it’s a pleasure to witness this new side of JORDY. By the same token, I sense the transformation will equally delight his fans.

Move over Britney! – this music video is the new standard for sexy and captivating visual representations of music.

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The music video directed by Lily Judge is a stunning visual representation of the JORDY’s music. It’s captivating from beginning to end, and the chemistry between JORDY and Christos Tsiantoulas is absolutely electrifying. The steamy and sensual dance routine they perform is a masterful work of art. And the video as a whole is a must-see for anyone who appreciates great music and stunning visuals.

JORDY has promised us something big – he’s teased us with the news of “sexy bops” coming our way. And interestingly he didn’t say just one, but many! His recent release, “Second Minute Hour,” indicates it is just a taste of what’s to come. He’s set the bar high, and it seems like we’re in for an exciting ride. As a result, with his new audio and visual style, JORDY has made sure no one is sleeping on his music this time around.

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