I have gotten to know Myylo through his whimsical brand of pop styling. The Nashville singer-songwriter really has a flair for witty songwriting, which he has used as a way to communicate his views around compelling topics with LGBTQ and masculine-related talking points at their core. I’ve also noted that among his growing catalogue of tracks the singer likes nothing better than to break down stereotypes, and have felt this best on recent singles “Cyborg” and “Skinny Boys.” However, there is no such playfulness on “Tuck Your Head Under the Covers” just as, I was getting used to the charming, playful manner, in which he writes. Myylo has turned serious, with a tender song about chosen families, and coming out.

Inviting, up-and-coming LA-based pop artist Jordy to guest on the track. Myylo has a brethren on board who similarly puts-his-on-sleeve thoughts into his lyrics. Pigeonholing the song as an affectingly, worded power piece is a discourteous understatement of both their masterfulness. Being that their penmanship skills are immensely moving, as when listening to the track. One minute, the guys got me choked-up while the next, they had my heart, full to burst with pride, and happiness.

Myylo posted about the song on social media, commenting –

“Jordy and I were talking about a mutual friend who was really, struggling with coming out. I don’t want to put the particulars of his story on blast, but we felt moved to write something to remind him that his friends would be there for him through it all. As a lot of you know, telling your parents your truth can be a painful experience. Sometimes it’s your chosen family who sticks it out with you in the way you need. Sometimes, the presence of a friend is enough. We hope this song makes you feel seen and loved.”

Tip. The best way to appreciate the song is to get carried away in the emotion of the track. Thus enabling, you to enjoy all of its thoughtful touches, to the fullest.

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