They say life is a rollercoaster. In fact JORDY looks at this analogy of life in his new song “Things Change,” he talks about his experiences negotiating high and low points this year. Although the news of him being dropped by his record label might have triggered penning the song in the first instance. It’s important to note that it’s not the only reason behind bringing this track to life. The song is more about the universal truth that our lives change and evolve constantly. Moreover, that we all have to adapt to these changes every day.

The acoustic style of JORDY’s new song “Things Change” beautifully reflects the poignant subject matter of life’s ups and downs. His lyrical prowess shines through, allowing listeners to become swept up in our own feelings when recalling their own challenging experiences.

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As JORDY super fans, since having supported his music releases both independently and as a signed artist on the blog. I have personally always admired his authenticity in songwriting. It’s impressive how his lyrical narratives cover both the challenging stuff and joyous moments equally. In listening to, “Things Change“, I am most struck by the way he unburdens himself through it. I also appreciate how he followed it up with some wise words of motivation. Since JORDY is not only a talented musician but also an inspiring individual. Fact!

Writing this song was undoubtedly the start of a new adventure. A new chapter and a new era as an independent artist. He shared he’s written many songs since penning “Things Change.” Moreover, it’s exciting to think about this new music from these songwriting sessions that we will hear from JORDY next year. Although similarly with 2024 just a handful of weeks away, it won’t be long before we find out what’s in store for us. By the same token, I am excited to hear, mainly because he promises sexy bops are next up from him.

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