I will keep on saying how good, nay brilliant at pop JORDY is until I feel that you people are fully taking on board my message. I have written about the singer-songwriter twice already this year. Since there seems to be no let-up in the continuous stream of track releases from the one-man hit machine. I have no hesitation in giving JORDY a well earned third mention because his songs are inescapably simply terrific, and empowering. And, are bringing a source of light and joy, even when in these surreal days of a global pandemic, a dark, cloudy moment feels like it is about to sneak its way in.

Why has JORDY chosen to launch “things i never said” ? It really couldn’t be put any plainer than what is said in the lyrics of the song. The track gives some guidance about not holding-back from sharing emotions. Go ahead, dare to cut to the chase and tell someone we’re thinking about them (or in the premise of this track, would like to take things further with them.) On balance, just allowing the shield-like armour to drop, does in most cases forge a better human connection. On the flip-side, what is the worst that can happen, a little dented pride? Better is the person who doesn’t live by, what if’s and maybe’s or, questions which are forever left unanswered.

What being in quarantine has given us, is ample time to think about the things we’ve been pushing to the back of our minds. To refocus, emerge and go about living life with renewed optimism. JORDY’s “things i never said” is not only a very likeable, pop anthem. It carries some considerable emotive weight, which helps us to look at situations through a new lens. We’ve been given a huge wake-up call folks, and this track of JORDY’s strikes an emotional chord.

JORDY has definitely hit upon a formula which works in his favour. As he keeps on proving he knows how to write pop bangers. His mastery is such that he always finds a way to have listeners caught in their feelings. Without hesitation, he gives us pop which goes the extra mile.

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