I am so excited. I finally got the news I have been waiting for – Troye Sivan has announced his third album, “Something To Give Each Other,” set to release on October 13th! While it has been a five-year wait since his last album, “Bloom“, we have been lucky to have a few collaborations to keep us satisfied. Link-up’s like “You Know What I Need” (Pnau), “Wait,” and “Trouble” from the movie “Three,” as well as the Regard track “You” with Tate McRae. But Troye has been teasing us for the past month, building up to this exciting announcement and subsequent launch of the track “Rush,” which finally puts an end to all the rumours and speculation.

“‘Rush’ is the feeling of kissing a sweaty stranger on a dancefloor, a 2 hour date that turned into a weekend, a crush, a winter, a summer,” explains Troye Sivan. “Party after party, after party after after party. All of my experiences from a chapter where I feel confident, free and liberated. Independent, yet somehow the most connected to the music and community around me.”

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Understandably, Troye has moved on in life and with his music since releasing “Bloom” five years ago. I’ve noticed that he’s become more comfortable in his own skin and is expressing fearless authenticity at a faster pace. “Rush” is a great example of this, as Troye doesn’t hold back any of his queerness. It’s a dance track that exudes sensuality in every carefully executed beat, and the lyrics allude to references associated with gay culture.

The music video directed by Gordon von Steiner showcases more of Troye’s transformation. The video is quite steamy and evocative, and it depicts a lot of hedonistic activity that typically takes place in gay clubs during nights out. It’s definitely a nail-on-the-head look and an interesting portrayal of the gay club scene, and I think especially worth checking out if you’re a fan of Troye Sivan or simply enjoy music videos with a bit of edge.

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