It’s amazing how quickly Troye Sivan rose to fame. From the runaway hits from his ‘Blue Neighborhood’ EP, to his appearance on Ellen to gracing the cover of Australian Rolling Stone, it’s hard to believe that it was only a short year ago that we discovered his brilliance on ‘Happy Little Pill’. Getting a ticket to see Troye Sivan live is no easy task either as the shows sell out instantly. One thing is for sure, Troye Sivan is on fire right now.

Yesterday saw the release of his latest single ‘Youth’ which garnered over a million video views in under 24 hours. His fans are rabid and he speaks to a collective of youngsters who hang on his every word on YouTube, singing along to every lyric, all-the-while making the notion of “hey I’m gay and it’s not big fucking deal” that much more relevant – a single millenial changing the landscape of society. It’s big stuff.

What’s achingly cool is that Troye can just put out a video where he decorates his house with some fairy lights and invites his friends over for a party and it’s still cool – kinda like a lo-fi Lady Gaga did when she released ‘Just Dance’.

Can Troye Sivan do no wrong? The answer is no, you can’t ignore his youth.

Listen to ‘Youth’ on ‘This Beat Is Poptronik – March 16’ on Spotify and watch the video below.