I might be getting a bit ahead of myself by speaking out. However, this does not deter me in the slightest from saying. The new video for the PNAU & Troye Sivan collaboration on “You Know What I Need.” Is what I declare to be one the best music video you will see this week. Notably, the Australian hit makers PNAU are steering towards the direction of a pop sound, more and more than they have ever committed themselves to up until this point. For this reason. And since Troye is one of the biggest names in Australian music. They thought a team up as a good move. Another reason for choosing Troye. He is the perfect choice for the dance project’s latest pop-centric offering. While they continue in their latest mission of making the cross-over from dance music to the mainstream pop sphere.

In this blog site. It was a short while ago I mentioned the fact that our wintertime in the UK is the Australian summer. And these are the details that explains why, more often than not, that we hear more about the Australian music scene from December through March. Since notably this is when all of the biggest bops from Oz appear. Unquestionably, PNAU and Troye Sivan are among the most mega team ups, in terms of Aussie collaborators, these days. Therefore, all bodes splendidly for their new funky, soulful disco-pop offering. A song that hits, differently. That isn’t a sad bop and is written about finding contentment.

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The collaboration and the song is cool. Yet, even more so, the Kuba Matyka & Kamila Staszczyszyn music video makes “You Know What I Need” stand out on a spectacular level. The video is particularly ground-breaking. Since in the clip, the use of AI technology gives the visual element a distinctive futuristic vibe. That is a combination of psychedelic colour and numerous special effects. Resembling a trippy experience but without the need for any use of hallucinogenic drugs.

While on the topic about the video. Speaking about the creative process that went into making this stunning clip. The video producer Kuba Matyka, comments

“The brief was crazy from the beginning. Make it look like a DMT trip inspired by the Stargate sequence from “2001: Space Odyssey.” I mean, this is the best brief we’ve ever got”.

Both catchy musicality and strong visual appeal is present in “You Know What I Need.” In that both the song and the video has the senses popping. This sensory experience alone. Makes this track an excellent choice for a summer song in Australia and as a winter-warming pop bop elsewhere.

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