Most recently, Troye Sivan has enjoyed success as a part of the collaboration between The Kosovan DJ and producer Regard and multi-talent songstress Tate McRae. With the track “You“. (With the emotive electro-dance-pop banger spending 17 weeks on the top 100 of the UK Official Singles Chart). The singer is following up, back under his own esteem super quick, though. He began teasing “Angel Baby” a week ago, and now the soothing, tender-hearted, pop ballad is here.

We have heard Troye on several upbeat pop releases, both as a solo artist and collaborator. Yet, I believe, at least musically, he’s currently experiencing a full-circle moment with “Angel Baby“. It really has the quieter, softer feel that was brought out on his debut album “Blue Neighbourhood“. He may be exploring this sound again. But the lyrics are what mark his progression as an artist. He’s been assisted by the songwriter team of Jason Evigan, Michael Pollack, Sarah Hudson and JHart on this one. They have shaped a spellbinding 90s esque love ballad. The retro-pop styling suits Troye’s dreamy voice so perfectly. I think I can nostalgically hear the click of cigarette lighters being sparked up. (As used to be the old tradition of showing appreciation and bringing people together in tribute to an artist during the quieter moments of a gig back in the day).

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“‘Angel Baby” is my crack at an adoring, doting, love-struck, mega pop, gay, power ballad. I thought we needed a few more of those.” Says Troye. 

Lovely though this sweet track is, we have been left wondering whether this is a stand-alone single or the beginning of something much bigger from Troye. For the moment, it looks as though we are being kept in the dark. The press release describes “Angel Baby” as being destined to be an emotive and anthemic highlight of his forthcoming live shows. So, there is that to look forward to anyway, the promise of live shows, le sigh.

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