It’s 2020! Not only has the New Year begun but a new decade as well. If you’re anything like me, it takes at least a week to get back into my stride once the festive holidays are over.

2019, what a year that was. Making the headlines, were the turbulent political landscape, Extinction Rebellion protests and the impacts of climate change and global warming. All being topics in the news we would wake-up to most mornings. On a happier note. There was music, and quite a lot of it, focusing on lending a voice or opinion on current social topics. But, music also brought us some splendid electronic pop tracks. That we felt we should put together a Spotify playlist of the EQ approved, best songs for 2019.

Over 80 tracks made it onto the “This Beat Is Poptronik – January 2020” playlist on Spotify. Totalling nearly, five hours worth of non-stop listening to the best electronic, pop and indie songs of 2019. It’s a good way of remembering the tracks you were crazy for and find others that you might have somehow overlooked.

These tracks will brighten up your day. Whether it’s your commute into work, cleaning the house from top-to-bottom or just taking a few minutes out for yourselves to enjoy a cup of coffee and a break from the daily grind.

I’ve listed the first 25, brilliant tracks below, but how many more new favourites will you find for yourselves on (link ->) “This Beat Is Poptronik – January 2020“?

  1. Like Like – Lost Child
  2. Shut Up – Greyson Chance
  3. Juice – Lizzo
  4. Party Pill – Cub Sport
  5. Like I Do – Nosaint
  6. Lucky Strike – Troye Sivan
  7. Medellín (with Maluma) – Madonna
  8. Hot Sauce – Butterjack
  9. Drink Too Much – G Flip
  10. Adore You – Harry Styles
  11. Icy – Kim Petras
  12. Superstar – MARINA
  13. I Don’t Know What’s Cool Anymore – Alphabeat
  14. Tempo (Feat Missy Elliott) – Lizzo
  15. Take You Home – Dido
  16. Lottery – jens
  17. Ever Again – Robyn
  18. OMM! – morgxn
  19. Let It Be Me – Steve Aoki and Backstreet Boys
  20. Turn Off The Light (feat Elvira) – Kim Petras
  21. Stan Yourself – NEO10Y
  22. Couldn’t Do It – Leon Else
  23. When I’m With Me I’m Never Alone – Bad W0lfy
  24. 1999 – Charli XCX and Troye Sivan
  25. The Alarm – All Hail The Silence