Rising, singer-songwriter talent Devin Kennedy isn’t someone who I have crossed paths with musically before. As a completely new listener to his tracks, I found myself very, pleasantly enchanted with the up-and-coming artists, soft-edged pop. His soulful voice and charismatic narratives. Aside from Devin’s most noticeable asset, his swoony voice, his songs are full of meaning with a widely universal appeal. Think of Devin as towing along the same lines as Lauv and Troye Sivan, and you will not be disappointed in what the Berklee College of Music graduate has to offer.

The self-taught musician has already amassed some pretty impressive stats and accomplishments. One of his most interesting, successes to date (apart from featuring on the “Today At Apple Playlist” streaming in all Apple stores nationwide,) is that he’s partnered with Steereo to stream his music for over 200k listening minutes in Lyfts and Uber’s across the US. I can vividly imagine the calming effect, these blissfully soothing tracks, would likeliest offer respite for passengers and commuters, while caught up in their busy work routines. Namely, because Devin’s efforts percolate around melodic hooks, which grab at us and refuse to be shaken off.

Over recent months, anticipation has been building for the release of the EP “You & Me, That’s Enough.” Today the four-track mini-album arrives resplendent in all of its worldliness, poignancy, and gorgeousness. The melodies are evocative and warm, the beats, gently pulsing. Quite simply put, a mix of electro and acoustic elements which are easy on the ear. Through these songs, he lets us in on his life experiences, love and emotions. His beautifully crafted songwriting shares so much, genuine heartfelt warmth and earnestness. If being urged to pick out a favourite among these tracks, my pointer goes to blissful, spellbinder “Champagne For Two.” But really, everything about this EP “You & Me, That’s Enough” is lush, stunning and breathtaking.

Get to know this dynamic, young singer, songwriter and producer a little better, revel in the music, dissolve into his vocals. There’s no question Devin Kennedy is a unique talent in his own right.

Connect with Devin Kennedy
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/devkennedymusic
Twitter: @devkennedymusic
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/devkennedymusic/