There is such a notable difference in morgxn lately. Having listened to the singer’s recent releases, I’ve noticed they have an incredible upbeat and celebratory vibe. One song that stands out especially to me is “Modern Man,” where he fully embraces a classic retro style of dance-pop musicality. morgxn openly admits the shift in musical style, has come about because of working through personal struggles and finding happiness. Additionally, it is interesting to note that since he moved back to Nashville, his creativity has been at an all-time high. Apparently, he has written over 100 songs and narrowed them down to those that appear on his upcoming album, “Beacon,” set to release on February 2nd 2024.

I am so excited about the new track, “My Revival.” Without question, the song captures the essence of the journey of an independent artist. The lyrics tell a beautiful story of how our most significant revivals often come after times of challenge. In the instance of morgxn, it is inspiring, he rose above adversity and emerged stronger on the other side. Therefore, it is little wonder that this song is a bona fide masterpiece, sharing a beautiful, inspiring message that will resonate with everyone who hears it.

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Similarly, the music video is no less of a work of art. The stunning visual directed by Neta Ben Ezra, feature morgxn lying peacefully on a surfboard while floating in the middle of a serene lake. He is alone in this tranquil setting, which represents a sense of renewal and new beginnings. It is a beautiful and thought-provoking concept of rebirth and evokes the sensibility of such.

Before summing up – I wanted to mention I just read an intriguing update about morgxn’s upcoming album “Beacon“. There are still a few months to go until the release date, yet morgxn has already revealed some exciting details about the album. According to him…

“With my first album, I was told I could not record a choir on my song ‘home.’” He did it regardless by gathering friends to sing in his living room. “But for this record, I wasn’t playing… I put a choir on almost every song!” he states.

Furthermore, it is great to hear about some uplifting music arriving in February. Especially since the weather in the UK is usually quite chilly and often accompanied by snowfall. Undoubtedly, I look forward to having some new exhilarating tunes to raise my spirits during those cold winter days! Best of all, it is morgxn that has us covered.

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