Ahh yes, this is where we hear morgxn going up a gear.The singer-songwriter has been on our radar for quite some time now, and he has always pulled in brilliantly poignant pop releases. As much as, morgxn’s previous single “A New Way” hinted at (that a change was coming) he is adopting to use more diverse styles in music going forward. Following up with “OMM!” makes complete sense because the melody takes the song in a glam-rock direction. In essence, this is morgxn’s Bowie moment. The track is a trippy, kind of cool. It actually, feels enormously freeing and uplifting. More to the point, I sense the singer is having a lot of fun with the song.

When listening to this song, a feeling of elation appears obvious to me and, I am living for it. “OMM!” (“Out of My Mind”) details how self-expression builds a picture of our identity and highlights how the little quirks in each of us, shape us as unique human beings. Besides, morgxn makes it clear the track is a liberating anthem for all the beautiful souls who are gender non-conforming. A song, which is all the more important when commemorating fifty years of Pride and the Stonewall Inn uprising.

As with all of morgxn’s songs, writing comes from a personal place. The style of this track feels genuine and touching. It is especially pleasing that the singer is openly broaching topics with such thoughtful coverage and support. Also, it feels as though he is finding his authentic voice through, evolving his musical style.
I love that morgxn is showcasing his quirky indie-pop sound on this song. He seems animated and truly, alive in a way that hasn’t been as noticeable before. I intensely feel that he has struck pop gold. As, when I pop “OMM!” on, I just want to it listen, over and over again.

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