One of the greatest things that you get at SXSW is coming out of it discovering an artist that really speaks to you. Every year I attend the event in Austin, I always leave with one act that totally surprised me and whose music touches me in a good way that was completely unexpected.

For me this year, that artist was morgxn.

Javi and I were lucky enough to catch morgxn’s set at Palm Door on Sixth this year as we were both a bit curious about his music based on the description in the SXSW Go app. Right after the first song, I said to myself – we must have written about morgxn at some point and sure enough, Mandy had written about his collaboration with Violet Days “Somber” just a few days prior.

morgxn’s performance at SXSW this year pretty much had Javi and I speechless. We were floored by the sheer, exuberant power that radiated off of him and his songs. His music spoke to both of us and was perhaps our favorite show this year at the festival.

Upon getting back to London, we reached out to morgxn to talk about his experience at SXSW this year, what he has in store for us with his future releases and what issues are the most impacting in the ecosystem of the music industry today. We think you’ll like what he has to say. We sure are.

Discover morgxn right here, right now with his amazing music videos that have already touched a million other people out there. His new video for “carry the weight” is something else and we can already tell that morgxn is well on his way already to being one of the future’s brightest…

morgxn’s debut album “vital” on May 18th, via wxnderlosts records and Hollywood Records.

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/morgxnofficial/
Twitter: @morgxn
Instagram: http://instagram.com/morgxnofficial