morgxn‘s new track, “Fading,” is a testament to his ability to innovate and evolve as an artist. With the release of his upcoming album “Beacon,” on February 2nd, morgxn is taking his pop style to new heights by incorporating an orchestra in parts to create an elevated anthemic sound. This bold move is an obvious indication of his determination to break new ground and push the boundaries of his music. In the instance of the new track “Fading” the use of an orchestra helps to create a sense of drama that is nothing short of breathtaking. Although this is not the first time morgxn presented such a track. He introduced this symphonic pop style in his disco indebted single “Modern Man,” released in May.

In the singles released thus far, I have noticed a common theme of overcoming adversity. The songs have a definite hopeful tone, and sometimes a yearning vibe is present. However, “Fading” stands out as it prominently focuses on returning to happiness and looking towards the light.

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Of “Fading,” MORGXN shares that the song is about “courting grief and knowing that sometimes something has to fall apart before you can move on to the next chapter”.

The duality of the lyrical narrative also asks the question. “How do we know if the pain of a moment is worth it?” In response, morgxn further adds… “I’m not sure I know how to answer that, but I do know the song exists in the hope of that moment.”

It stands out as a deliberate choice to slightly diversify the lyrical narrative in “Fading,” which is a good thing. Although uplifting anthems are enjoyable, having a variety of such like on an album can keep the musical experience interesting and dynamic. Without hesitation, listeners will connect with the relatable situations in the songs on the “Beacon” album, as morgxn doesn’t hold back, lyrically. Furthermore, the songs each contain their own true beauty and significance.

The timing of the album release is perfect, as it coincides time-wise when we are making New Year’s resolutions. Since the songs in “Beacon” revolve around finding joy in starting over. This makes it an ideal soundtrack for those looking to make positive changes in their lives.


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