The alt-pop powerhouse singer-songwriter MORGXN has just released his newest track, “Modern Man,” and I am so excited to share it with you! Having followed MORGXN on the blog for years, I am delighted the latest offering is one of his best to date. While his past releases have been magnetic anthems, this new single is noticeably more diverse, taking a different approach to his signature sound. The song stands out from his previous works because of its disco styling.

Yes, you heard right. MORGXN has released a shimmering disco-infused jam. However, his fans can be assured he has not gone off-brand completely. Since the track is still brimming with his usual thoughtful lyricism and honest dialogue.

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In this track, he poses a question. What is a modern man?

“I have often felt like the idea of a ‘man’ in society is so arbitrary and stoic and honestly toxic and dangerous. What is a ‘man’ and what is it that I’m aspiring to be? And if society has a fixed definition … how I can explore that for myself? Sometimes I feel that the freedom to really be ME is wrapped in another persons definition. With the song and video I was hoping to flip a trope and find ultimately an expression that is uniquely my own.” Says MORGXN of the song and video.

The accompanying music video is both a powerful and alluring watch. The clip featuring Nashville, activist, and drag queen Vidalia Anne Gentry, fearlessly tackles the issue of LGBTQ+ rights and gender norms. Offering an empowering message of self-acceptance and the concept of a ‘modern man’ in a world that often sets rigid standards. With stunning artistry, an uplifting message, and a captivating story, MORGXN encourages his audience to reject traditional definitions of manhood and embrace a more inclusive concept of modern masculinity. Thus he encourages us to express ourselves and be proud of who we are.

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