Singer-songwriter morgxn dropped his debut album “vital” all but a short while ago. We have been particularly enamoured by the somewhat diverse styles in music the debut body of work encompasses. Shifting from light to shade, upbeat to down-tempo while always shining a light on morgxn’s powerful affecting, voice. It is an album which takes the listener on a journey negating emotions powerful and tender with soul-baring honesty. Covering love, loss, but most of all tuning into the spiritual strength we all tend to seek out in our darkest of times. It has occurred to me on several occasions, during the bolder moments on “vital” there are comparisons to be made which fall in line with a Brandon Flowers / The Killers vibe. None more so than on the track “home.”

home” has a pounding bass line, which begs to be recognisably iconic as the anthemic thuds of “Seven Nation Army” by The White Stripes. Although “home” originally released in, 2016 it was almost another year before the track received its first video treatment. It’s storyline revolved around, exploring what “belonging” really means. Finding the place where you fit in, and your soul’s spirit is at it’s most comfortable. Such is the grand impact of the track, I felt it was always likely to prove itself to be one where people would pick up on the singer. The song has all the shapes of a classic piece which could easily be picked up and built on time and time again. So, when morgxn performed the song at Lollapalooza and was joined by Walk the Moon frontman Nicholas Petricca, it felt like a natural progression in its evolution.

Their combined voices create a magical, synergy. It feels right and proper, a new version by the two artists has been recorded to give the song another pair of legs. And there’s another video interpretation starring both singers to go along with it as well. The new clip was shot at Joshua Tree National Park and follows the singers strolling through the breathtaking scenery, immersed in their thoughts and sense of being. It is very uplifting but also very different from the original 2017, music video. Equally both work to bring out the message behind the lyrics. Which when all said done, leaps out with abundant clarity.

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