RuPaul Drag Race Series Seven winner Violet Chachki and Allie X first teamed up on the Canadian alt-pop singer-songwriters 2016 track “All The Rage“. A spicy offering where Violet role-played as Allie X’s alter ego in the Jungle George and Maluko Haus visual. Perhaps it has always been inevitable that these artists would at some point come together again. Anyways, the six-year wait has flown by. I am more than happy to see their next joint effort, unapologetically decked out in 80s inspired couture. As much as the track “Mistress Violet” heavily features synths, robot pop and vaporwave stylings.

When these two artists collaborate together, it is broadly assumed they will kit themselves out in high fashion garments. Couture looks are everything for these two (in this instance, Schiaparelli). The sharper the clothes, the better, as long as there is a designer tag attached. The track “Mistress Violet” has acutely provocative tendencies. It is like a duel between two personalities. As to who gets to be the dominant half of the powerfully commanding, musical coupling. They spar with one another, but really, neither are about to submit because the thrill exists in seeing how far these bitches can push each other.

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As far as the song goes, the synths appear similarly modelled in vintage Kraftwerk or David Sylvian like stylings. There is a strong sense that there is a penchant for all things avant-garde. The nostalgia vibes and aesthetics are strong. Everything about “Mistress Violet” screams peak 80s. And I have absolutely no problem with any of that. Make no mistake, this collab is Violet Chachki and Allie X having the best of fun. While indulging in complete escapism. Hands down, an empowering serve.

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