I don’t mind if Allie X is dusting off old demo’s. She is an absolute queen for sharing the track “GLAM!” so that everyone can enjoy it. The critically acclaimed singer-songwriter recently included the song as a part of a brand new special edition double LP of COLLXTION I and COLLXTION II. The repackaged recordings features songs from the unsolved era, never before heard demos and leaks. She has only given us her most, sparkiest, synth-poppiest effort in a long-time. (A noted, departure from the alternative-pop leaning and refined soundscapes featured on the singers 2020 album “Cape God“). This is because “GLAM!” was originally recorded when she moved to Los Angeles years ago.

OMG the Brat Pack soundtrack energy, stemming from “GLAM!” is real. Stylistically it feels like it came fresh out of the movies “Mannequin,” “Weird Science” or “Pretty In Pink” because it is also a little bit on the sweet and cute side. The co-production from Mike Wise is everything right down to the twinkling chime-bells and hot flashes of an electronic guitar. While Allie X goes full-on 80s with her vocals, in a similar lane to Debbie Gibson/Belinda Carlisle. She pulls out plenty of whoa-oh’s, in powerful bursts, making the track, even more, 80s authentic.

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Like the sun peeking through the clouds after the rainstorm, the mood is uplifting, upbeat and hopeful. One listen to “GLAM!” will leave you with the feeling you can take on the world. The lyrics imply, exciting beginnings, the realising of aspirations, of embarking on a project with vigour and enthusiasm. In the instance of “GLAM!” this is most likely representative of Alexandra Hughes starting out on her journey as her alt-pop alter-ego Allie X. Encapsulates the thrill of the move to LA and the alluring neon-life lifestyle it evokes. “GLAM!” is Allie X at her bubblegum pop sweetest, a flavour we have savoured, hungrily from her back catalogue and praised many times. Thanks for this tasty blast from the past Allie X, this one has been a trip of pleasure.

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