Allie X

Electronic pop maverick Allie X prepares to sweep the board of creative thinking and energy, as she readies up “CollXtion II Unsolved”. The follow-up release of her highly acclaimed “CollXtion” longer player which arrived last year.

Expanding upon her X universe. Allie X has enlisted her fans to come forward, on her instruction to share their creative ideas into a pool of bubbling song soup, that the pop auteur will take on board to present in finished pressings. Consequently evolving into what will be known as “CollXtion II”, the sophomore album.

Entering into this new chapter has already seen Allie X give out a bold and intoxicating hit of her hooky infectious, melody making on “Too Much To Dream” only now to enter into rekindling some her quirky character into latest offering on the table, “All The Rage”.

In a burst of bubblegum heightened 80’s presence “All The Rage” shows out a massively pop fruity sound sensation. Tingling with fizzy vibes of avant-garde grandeur, similar to the cutting edge visions of the time that came through with Toni Basil’s dizzing sound directive.

Scratch beneath the effervescing surface on this one, see’s it actually observing a darker undertone brought up into a positive light. As Allie X explains of the track, “All the Rage” is the night where you channel a lifetime of rejection and failure and turn it into something fantastic. While in the all the rage state of mind, you are encouraged to be manic, ridiculous and let your delusions guide you!

Negative’s DO NOT enter into our thinking here on EQ, only positivity allowed.

Thus, the complete embodiment of “All The Rage” fits in with us, in a way likened to America Ferrera’s – portrayal of Betty Suarez’s hapless but adorable Ugly Betty persona which feels really connected in analogical comparison here.