Oh, I do love the surging, adrenaline rush feeling which comes with a new music video release, from Allie X. There’s always, the anticipation of a slight freakiness and definitely, meticulous creativity coming from the Canadian singer’s visuals which is strangely engaging. If we thought the steam was beginning to die down in the Allie X ideas factory. Hitting the trail on “Super Sunset” album number three, just goes to prove that the electro-pop goddess is as brilliantly cryptic as she has ever been.

I am overjoyed to see in this music video, X effortlessly serving multiple looks, brunette, blonde, auburn-haired versions of herself. Each of the stylish visions of X are the epitome of glamorous. As we tend to know about people who first appear as though they have got the world at their feet, as likely as not, all isn’t as it seems, there is a certain amount of darkness lurking beneath. Los Angeles is notoriously famous for being Hollyweird as much as it is associated with glamour, and being the entertainment capital of the world. Much as anywhere, there are shadows, waiting around corners trip you up when your guard is down.

The pop queen’s arrival in LA is documented visually, as being a suitable representation from both sides of the coin. The undeniable stylishness of the sunshine city and the harsh, gritty reality of the less so made-up face of, la la land. As we see the electronic-pop mastermind step out into the sunshine surveying her new surroundings, it isn’t long before the strange effects of the city start to take hold and leave their mark on her. And so with it, the next fascinating, captivating journey with the Canadian pop queen begins…

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