I have had this new Mike Taveira track flagged up in my inbox for a while because I knew the release coincided with my summer holiday. I was hoping my delayed reaction to it publicly would not be mistaken as my being late for the party. Because the regular readers of this blog, all should realise by now. If I get wind Allie X is somehow involved in a new track or project, I will usually be doing a happy dance all over it in double-quick time. Full-on, Pisces (it’s VERY obvious, apparently), queer artist and songwriter Mike Taveira HAS snagged the musical assistance of Allie X for his latest release – “Sex For Breakfast“. It went without saying, I was always going to be super-duper excited to learn how this collaboration turned out.

Sex for Breakfast” was one of those lightning-in-a-bottle songs”. Mike says of the new song. “The idea came to me after an intense morning with this guy I was head over heels for. We were essentially dating but kept pretending it was a fling. We ended up in this almost masochistic cat-and-mouse game, knowing we were so right together, but, both, being too uncomfortable to admit it.”

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I have already come across Mike’s heart-on-the-sleeve lyrics before. On the 2020 track, “Karma“. Where he showed no hesitancy about being seen caught up in his feelings. At the other end of the spectrum. “Sex For Breakfast” sees him dishing out realism without a filter switched on. The track is written as though having a conversation with his lover. And as a way of putting their new relationship under the microscope. Does this union stand up as more than physical attraction? Do they share real compatibility? Can they go the distance or likely end up as soulmates? They are certainly having some fun as they try to figure everything out.

Allie X duets on a verse with Mike, and she heads up the songwriting team for the track. Equal parts, mesmerising and electrically charged. Like strawberries and cream, they go together like a dream team. With more new music on the way, there is no doubt that Mike Taveira is a name you will be hearing a lot in the future. Stay tuned…

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