It is quite possible you may have noticed a few comments appear in my recent posts where I have expressed my opinions about Christmas songs. If you haven’t stumbled upon my thoughts, I’ll save you the bother of searching by summing up to say, Christmas songs mostly leave me kinda cold. But far worse, are cover versions of Christmas songs. In particular Wham!’s classic “Last Christmas” which is the top choice for vocal makeovers at this time of year. I have been waiting for someone to make me rethink my grinchy comments. Although, I didn’t for one minute expect it would be Allie X who would change my mind, let alone with a rendition of “Last Xmas.”

Allie X’s take on the track is simply endearing. Her vocal is both suitably dynamic and emotive. And doesn’t break free from her signature style to come across as being overly sentimental.The melody warmly basks, cloaked in a synth-pop arrangement. I really like, that Allie X has steered her rendition away from the original enough so as not to replicate it’s rather, gushing mood. But why has Allie X picked out this track to cover?

“I chose “Last Xmas” because it is one of the only Christmas songs I like. I love the chord progressions and the fact that the song is about love and not some idealistic Christmas bullshit haha,” laughs ALLIE X. “I also will forever love George Michael! I love that he uses subtle homosexual language in the lyric- super ballsy for the time, especially for a Christmas song!”

My frostiness towards festive songs has been thawed by Allie X’s sassy rendition of this track. Getting in the spirit of all things Christmassy, I could say in the style of a bad Christmas cracker motto, that the pop queen has sleighed me. But it’s no joke, she has. I am feeling X. I LOVE Allie X’s, cover of “Last Xmas.”

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